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Hello you both, we are Angela and Basil and we offer as wedding photographer and wedding videographer the photo reportages and video accompaniment for your wedding in Germany, Austria, Swiss, Tuscany Italy, Mallorca and whole Europe. 

Hochzeitsfotograf in Augsburg

Hi, we are Angi and Vasyl. We love weddings, we love emotions, we love travel.


More about us...

Hochzeitsfotograf in Augsburg
Hochzeitsfotograf in Augsburg


Maike & David

Basil and Angela photographed our wedding ceremony and the result were amazing photos. Thank you for the uncomplicated, personable and professional support - we couldn't have asked for better.

Tania & Vinay

We loved working with Basil and Angela - they were very well prepared, made us feel at ease, always went an extra mile to find an interesting moment! The photos turned beautiful, light, romantic, both classical and creative moments captured. Thanks so much to this team for helping us preserve the memories of our special day ♥.

Katrin & Kai

Basil is a fantastic photographer who managed to make us shine as a wedding couple on a gray day. He works absolutely professionally and the result of his shoot was unique. We will forever have a great memory of our wedding and we are very grateful for that!

Publications and Awards

Hochzeitsfotograf in Augsburg
Hochzeitsfotograf in Augsburg
Hochzeitsfotograf in Augsburg

Due to our creative and outstanding work, we as the b1 wedding team could position ourselves among TOP 5 best photographers in Bavaria and TOP 30 photographers in Germany. 

Hochzeitsfotograf in Augsburg

From now on we are part of the organisation "Eine Hand für dich (One hand for you)". We also donate our services to bridal couples in need. Thanks to this initiative it is possible, despite the difficulties that have arisen, to create the most beautiful day in the life of each bridal couple. 

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